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An ISO 9002 certified company, the conveyor belting division commenced in 2002 manufactures heavy / extra heavy / general duty - All-Nylon / Polyester Nylon / Cotton-Cotton / Cotton Nylon belts in widths ranging from 150mm to 1600mm, fabric plies from 2 plies to 8 plies as per IS: 1891 in open / endless lengths as per customer specification. Technical details can be provided on request.

A) Nylon - Nylon Conveyor Belts

Integrated construction enables the all nylon fabric belts to meet high performance application and at the same time being used for practically every application due to its flexibility, thereby having a longer life and better performance in terms of cost per ton of material conveyed.

Vital Constructional features include :-

a) Higher tensile strength : Two piles of nylon fabric = Five piles of Cotton Fabric

b) Higher Adhesion : Nearly Double than cotton reinforced belting due to chemical bonding between cover to ply and ply to cover.

c) Rot Resistant : Eliminates fabric deterioration in conveyance of wet material.

d) Straight / Stepped / Reverse Stepped / Breaker Ply Construction / Skim coated as per requirement

e) Edge Construction : prevents wearing of edges and ingress of moisture. Cut edge / moulded edges.

B) Polyester - Nylon Conveyor Belts

Has an added advantage of lower longitudinal elongation besides having advantages of all nylon belts. The belts have the characteristics of low elongation in wrap, good water resistance, strength, no mould. These belts are suitable for medium, long distance and heavy-load transportation of materials.

C) Cotton - Cotton Belts

Cotton / Cotton belts are suitable for most applications for short distance and light-load transportation of materials. The belts are good in mechanical fastening and adhesion with rubber, having relatively small deformation under high temperature conditions.

D) Cotton - Polyester Belts

Cotton - Polyester belts have better shock resistance, belt body is thinner and lighter thereby having better use function by reducing energy cost and material consumption cost. Ideally suited for medium, short-distance and medium load transportation of materials.

Manufacturing standards followed include BIS, BS, ISO, DIN, CAN , ASS, NF-T47-100-101. General purpose, special purpose, heat/oil/fire/chemical resistant/ food grade belting can be supplied.